After all the rain we’ve had this winter in SoCal, I am super happy to see the sun shining, and seeing the sun shine reminds me it’s spring. Yay!

But spring reminds me that it’s time to clean. Yuck.


Deep cleaning is not my favorite. Over the years I’ve discovered ways to trick myself into thinking I’ve done enough to count, though.

I’m not clairvoyant but I can hear your thoughts – If it’s beautiful outside, why stay in and clean? Oh, the irony! That’s why I try to make it as quick and painless as possible.

Here are the four things I do to pretend I’ve participated in what we call spring cleaning. Trust me, they are all easy.

  1. Change the shower curtains (if you still have them, like I do) and rings 
  2. Wash the grommet curtains or loop curtains and clean the rods. Send traditional drapes to cleaners
  3. Go through the closet and drawers and give away the clothes you keep thinking you’ll fit back into
  4. Go through your books and give stacks and stacks to local friends of library or senior center or both!

Then all you need to do is clean your house like you always do. Or not. Deep Cleaning – take a hike!

This is the part where avid book readers get lucky.

Once I’ve gone through my office closet and discovered how many extra print books I have, I have a reason to host another book giveaway.

Heads up Lynne Marshall newsletter subscribers – watch for the Spring-Cleaning edition coming your way soon! (sign up here)

Here’s a non-cleaning tip for everyone – Amazon currently has my Delaney Brothers trilogy on sale for a dollar off each book.

You can check that out here. I have zero control on when or for how long these deals run, so check out this one poste haste.

I hope I’ve given you some easy tips on how to practice faux spring cleaning. Have fun! Or not.

If you’re like me, just grin and bear it with a wink, it’ll be over soon enough.

Until next time, make it a great one,
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