The Continuity Experience by Lynne Marshall

Last year I was offered the chance to take part in my very first continuity, Harlequin style.  The Medical Romance line was setting eight stories in New York, featuring the Angel Mendez Children’s Hospital. I jumped at the chance, but admittedly my intentions weren’t pure.  My first thought?  I won’t have to write a synopsis!  Yeah!

After I pulled my fist from the air and signed on the dotted line, I was gifted with an incredible continuity bible written by the lovely and talented UK editor, Flo Nicholl.  Wow, eight complete synopses including overview backstory, character conflict already built in, and even a physical characteristics chart for each hero and heroine.  Each story was vastly different, yet all interconnected by the hospital and one main couple, Dr. Alex Rodriguez and Dr. Layla Woods.

I felt a little queasy beginning my book.  Who were these characters, and would I be able to write them the way Flo envisioned?  Would I ever create two characters like these?

After I dealt with my initial insecurity, I delved right in to following the synopsis for scenes, creating the set-up the way I would any other book (and I’ve written twelve Medical Romances and two Special Editions so far, so I do have a clue), and getting to know Dr. John Griffin, and the perky Polly Seymour.

As I diligently went about my business writing, something magical happened.  I fell in love.  Yes, I fell head over heels for my hero and heroine, and I wanted nothing more than for them to find their happily ever after.

So, though this project started out unconventionally for me, I soon fit right in then moved over and let the characters fill in all the blanks the synopsis could not possibly cover.  It was a great experience and I’m thrilled to be a part of it with the seven other talented authors.

Aren’t the above banner and first book cover beautiful?


If you haven’t seen the complete rundown of release dates for all eight books on my website home page yet, go here.



I’m thrilled to be paired with the very talented Alison Roberts for the final duo, due out this coming June.  She will finally tell the continuity couple’s story.  I can’t wait to read it!

Next week I’ll share my book blurb and also the people I chose to play Johnny and Polly and give a little more history on the Angel Mendez Hospital, fondly known as Angel’s.


Do you like continuities?  Why or why not?



Until next week, make it a great one!





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6 Responses to The Continuity Experience by Lynne Marshall

  1. Robena Grant says:

    How exciting, Lynne. You indeed have an adventurous spirit. I’m not sure that I would be able to write a continuity. Our Golden Heart blog offers serialized short stories for Fiction Friday, with a different person writing the next chapter. I won’t enter because…well…I guess I’m scared. : )

    These look really interesting, and the banner and covers are gorgeous. You know I love your medicals. I’ll have to check them out. Congrats! again.

    • Hi Robena –
      I did worry once I’d signed on about not being able to pull off the assignment. But we had a loop with all of the other authors and we were all very supportive of each other.

      It turned out to be a great experience, and I’d gladly do it again!

  2. Tina Beckett says:

    Lynne, I adore that banner. And I’m so excited about reading the whole series! I totally agree with you about falling in love with the characters by the end of the book…that’s what happened to me as well.

    • I’m with you, Tina – I can’t wait to read every one of these stories, even though I have the bible and could cheat and read the synopses. As you and I both found out – that’s just the tip of the story iceberg.

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Dee J. says:

    Congrats Lynne! Those are terrific covers.
    I don’t think I’ve ever read a continuity, so I’ll have change that with yours.
    🙂 Congrats again! Great stuff!

    • Hi Dee J –
      I will make sure you read this continuity, LOL.

      I am especially proud of my story, as I’m sure all of the other authors are of theirs.

      It was really fun to participate and I’d do it again, given the opportunity.