The Marshall Memo 9/16 to 9/22/12

Peace and Quiet – (What I need to write)

By Lynne Marshall

I’m always amazed by authors who have a play list for their writing.  Maybe it’s just me, and maybe I have a touch of ADD, but I can’t concentrate on writing when music is playing.


I’ve loved music my whole life.  It isn’t something that should be in the background, like on elevators or in markets.  Music is to be listened to.  That’s where I get into trouble.  How am I supposed to write AND listen to music at the same time?  I’m perfectly capable of multitasking in life, but not when I’m writing OR listening to music.

Music pulls me into whatever mood the song is about.  Also, being a wannabe dancer from the time I was twelve, I cannot sit still when I hear music. It does something to the synapses in my brain and forces me to move. Music is to dance to!  Music is to cry to or laugh to or run around crazy to, but not to write during.  Again, my opinion only, others’ mileage may vary.

I do believe in listening to music to get in the mood for writing, and consider it a kind of tuning of my brain.  A song list would be great to help prepare for the perfect mood I’m trying to convey while writing.

When I write I want tranquility, and when I want tranquility I think of silence.  I also think of beauty like the photo I’ve included in this blog.  Let’s all stare at it for a few moments.  Ahhhh.  Now I’m ready to write.

Feel like helping me get my play list together? Can you tell me a song that puts you in any of these moods? Popular or classical music is fine with me.

  • Sad
  • angry
  • sexy
  • euphoric
  • strong
  • energetic

I’d love your input!

Until next time, make it a great one!




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7 Responses to The Marshall Memo 9/16 to 9/22/12

  1. Lacey Devlin says:

    Here’s my favorite piece at the moment: I find it peaceful 🙂

  2. Oh, Lacey – that Yiruma song is lovely. Very peaceful. thank you so much for sharing it. I’ved book marked it for future use. 🙂

    It’s so nice to hear from you again.

    And here’s a link to one of my all time favorite classical pieces:

    Best wishes!

    • Lacey Devlin says:

      I’ve been a little hit and miss with blogging this year 🙂 It’s nice to be back again!

      I loved Adagio for Strings and had to book mark it too!

      Happy writing 🙂

  3. Robena Grant says:

    I’m with you on the writing and listening to music. I will make a play list and listen to that when I’m in the discovery stage of the writing but not actually during. I sometimes play soft instrumental music in the background but mostly it’s quiet. To get myself into the sappy *cough cough* tender aspects of the romance I’ll listen to Elvis Presley. Songs like “Are you Lonesome Tonight.” When it comes to writing younger heroes and heroines I listen to all of the modern artists like Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, John Mayer, Adele, Rhianna, and just about anything country. : )

  4. Sylvie says:

    As I sit here in silence, I realize I write in total quiet. I’m always amazed that people can listen to music as they write. I seriously wonder how they can hear the voices in their heads, though?

  5. Hi Sylvie!
    I’m with you, music would drown out the voices in our heads. Only another writer gets that. 🙂