The Scariest Part about Writing Books by Lynne Marshall

Depressed businesswomanThe most nerve-wracking part about writing a book is, well, after starting the book, and after turning that book in to your editor, oh, and after waiting for the editor to get back to you about whether or not they like said book—is when the book is released for sale!

That’s where I am these days.  I have two book babies on the cusp of being born.

NYC Angels – Making the Surgeon Smile is already available at Mills & Boon website and will be in stores in the United Kingdom, as well as available at the Harlequin website on June 1st.  It is also currently available for pre-order at Amazon

UK E-book edition

UK E-book edition

The first few reviews have been great—except the grand dame of reviews at the Mills & Boon website wasn’t exactly thrilled with this one.  Sigh I guess I can’t please everyone—Anyway, I’m biting my nails my readers will enjoy my portion of the continuity story created by the lovely editors at Mills & Boon.  Hats off especially to Flo Nicoll.

I’m also eagerly awaiting the release of my second Harlequin Special EditionThe Medic’s Homecoming.  This is Lucas Grady’s story.  For those of you who read Courting His Favorite Nurse last year, you’ll remember him as the hard to reach brother to Anne Grady.  This book is also available for pre-order at Amazon.








Aren’t both the U.S. and U.K. book covers fantastic?

I’ve been running a contest exclusively for my newsletter subscribers.  I’m giving away two full sets of the entire NYC Angels continuity.  The first winner was announced in the May newsletter. Congratulations Judith P.  I won’t draw the second winner until July, so there’s still time to sign up for my newsletters and enter the contest.

Don’t forget the Brenda Novak auction for Diabetes.  My fun tote plus goodies only has six bids so far.  Check out what’s inside here!

So now you know what I’m currently biting my nails about – what about you?  Anything got your nerves tied up in knots these days?

Until next time, make it a great one!


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