Then Came Fortune

This is the year I decided to retire. I called it Lynne’s Big Year.

With six books scheduled to come out, the May 2020 Special Edition (See cover below) being my 30th for Harlequin, and thirty being a nice round number, it seemed like the right time. (Available for print purchase April 21st)



By the way, book #2, Date of a Lifetime, goes live today in digital format. Read all about surprise twin Eva’s story and watch her fall in love. Read more about it here.



Date of a Lifetime is also being featured on Harlequin Junkie blog in an author Spotlight Today, April 1st, no kidding. There is a book giveaway involved, so please check it out!

Now back to my story.

I’d finished The Reluctant Fiancée in October, (the third and final Taylor Sister’s book) and the revisions were tough. I jokingly referred to it to my editor as the book from hell. That helped reinforce my forming decisions to retire. FYI, writing books is a hard job.  Who needed the headache, the heartache, the torture of writing and revising books, for crying out loud. Not me! Not anymore.

So my plans were reinforced and I enjoyed Christmas without any pressure to turn in a new proposal. Then came January and…


I’d been offered a book in the long-running >Fortunes of Texas< continuity for Harlequin Special Edition. This series of six books, mine being #4, would be released in April 2021. Was I interested?

Apparently, Hell yeah!

So I’d failed the first test of retirement and signed the contract.

But that finished book is due August 1st 2020, and this is still the year I can retire if I want to.

And yes, I know today is April 1st.

To be continued…

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