Are the Eyes Mirrors to the Soul?

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If the Eyes are the mirror to the soul, than I guess the heroine of my current book is a soul starer.  As an Ocularist her job is to meticulously re-create the iris for clients who’ve lost one eye.  For someone who has lost an eye either to an accident or disease, this is a most important job indeed.

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Writers are often asked where they get their ideas for stories. I can tell you I get mine all over the place! The spark that spurred A Mother for His Adopted Son came from an article about an Ocularist in a regional magazine I subscribe to from Maine. I’d never heard of the profession, and was fascinated by this woman who’d been an art student but for the last thirty years wound up making beautiful prosthetic eyes for clients. I clipped and held onto that article for a couple of years and it percolated in the back of my mind.

Blue Eye

Another day, I was driving around doing errands and listening to the radio when an intriguing interview aired, about a sightless man who was amazingly independent through using a technique called echolocation. The interviewer began by describing this man as having beautiful blue eyes, and, yes, they were prosthetics. He’d lost both of his eyes by the time he was eighteen months old to retinoblastoma, but his mother never let his blindness hold him back from exploring and being adventurous. That sparked my dormant ocularist idea and, as they say, a story kernel was created!

An ocularist isn’t a “usual” job for a Medical Romance character, so I ran it by my editor, female surgeon with her surgical team on backgroundwho was open and encouraging about the idea. Soon the character Andrea came to be, and shortly after that a little boy named Dani, too. But who would be the hero of this story and why? It didn’t take long for the gorgeous pediatrician “Dr. Sammy” to come into being—a dedicated doctor who believes in medical missions and adoption for very personal reasons.

I hope you enjoy the dramatic and often emotional love story between Andrea and Sam as they find their way to their happily-ever-after.


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Do you know anyone with a prosthetic eye?  Or do you wear one? Please share your story.

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One Response to Are the Eyes Mirrors to the Soul?

  1. robena grant says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this story, Lynne. and too, I’d wondered how you had come up with the heroine’s unusual vocation. It made really good sense to me that she was also an artist, so it’s interesting to find out this was the case in real life. 🙂 Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’d never stopped to consider how a prosthetic eye would be made, or who would design it.