Now that all three of the Delaney brothers have made their debut in Harlequin Special Edition series, you’d think I’d take a breather, right? Well, have I got news! And it’s not fake news, either.



May was busy with the third book in a row in as many months released, Reunited with the Sheriff, but…

That wasn’t all that was going on in my life. Late last year I began putting a proposal together for separated at birth twins for Harlequin Special Edition. In late January, I turned it in to my editor who sent back some suggestions how to make it stronger before passing it up to the Senior Editor of the line. I fixed it and sent it back to her. After that, rather than sit around and twiddle my thumbs, I got down to business and wrote a book for TULE Publishing. That book is finished now and handed in awaiting revisions and will be the third book in my Charity, Montana series.

Waiting is always hard in this business, and just when I was about to give up on having another proposal accepted at the end of May, I got an offer for a three-book contract from Harlequin! My twins just became triplets! Yay

No sooner had I gotten the contract than I got an amazing book cover for my not yet revised TULE book.

With all the brouhaha about the European privacy rules last month, I had to send two newsletters to my subscribers, and I didn’t have the heart to bog them down with yet another. Even though this is what should go into newsletters not rules and privacy regulations. Anyway, so I’m doing something here that I usually do exclusively for my subscribers in my newsletter. Cover reveal!!!!

Tah-dah! Isn’t it purdy?






I was practically dancing on the ceiling! Or doing cartwheels when I saw it.



This from a woman who insists I’m ready to retire. Tell that to my overactive brain. In the interim between getting the new contract signed and waiting for revisions for the other book, I started noodling a new idea for a fourth Charity, Montana book.

Here’s how I really like to celebrate the good things in life, though.



Like being employed for another year as a writer, something I never dreamed of growing up. Or starting a new book to a new series. And how about creating a new installment of a running series for another publisher.More about this as the release date of September 26th rolls around…

Thanks for letting me blow off a little steam after a very busy and productive first half of the year.

Until next time, make it a great one!

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