My Favorite Pregnant Protagonist Movies

Being that my current book – Falling for the Mom-to-Be is a “pregnant heroine book” I thought it would be fun to talk about some of my favorite pregnant protagonist movies here at the blog. Though my book is dramatic and emotional at many points, it was impossible to not have lighter moments in the story. After all, Leif and Marta had to enjoy each other’s company in order to fall in love, right? Though my book would be classified as a drama, I tend to enjoy comedy/drama movies the best, especially if there is a pregnancy involved, because it is such a tender and vulnerable time in a woman’s life.Falling_for_the_Mom_to_be_170


Here are my top favorite pregnant movies.


  1.  Waitress 2007 Comedy/drama starring Keri Russell as an unhappy café pie maker with an overbearing, stifling husband.  One of the reasons I loved this movie was because it introduced me to Nathan Fillion!  Through a baby journal Jenna has lovely conversations with her future child, plus she makes crazy-innovative pies.  Though I stumbled over the infidelity parts, when I left the theater I smiled over the ending and wanted to have a piece of pie!  Plus I was uplifted about the overall sweet movie and, of course, I wanted to learn more about Nathan.  Good movie!
  2. Juno 2007 Comedy/drama starring Ellen Page as a pregnant teenager.  Such a funny and adorable movie.  It had me rooting for this bright yet confused teen, who, through personal growth and more life experience makes a great decision by the end of the movie.  Good plot twists!
  3. Father of the Bride Part II 1995 Comedy.  A double pregnancy movie starring Steve Martin and Diane Keaton.  About to experience an empty nest, and having to deal with the thought of becoming grandparents, George and Nina get hit with the surprise of their lives – they’re having a mid-life baby!  My absolute favorite character in this film was Martin Short as Franck Eggelhoffer. Sweet, funny, and touching movie.
  4. Knocked Up 2007 (what’s up with all of the pregnancy movies in 2007?) This is probably the only Seth Rogan movie I’ve actually liked.  Playing his usual clueless party animal loser character, he has a drunken one night stand with a career minded woman (Katherine Heigl – unbelievably way out of his league!) celebrating a new job.  Eight weeks later, when she tells him he’s going to be a father, Rogan’s character actually makes an attempt to be supportive. There are some almost touching scenes where he steps up for the mother-to-be, though in usual Rogan style winds up going way overboard. The far-fetched ending featuring the birth of the baby, left me hopeful the fumbling new father might actually come through for someone for the first time in his life. Better than I expected.


  1. What’s your favorite pregnant protagonist movie?

Until next time, make it a great one!


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