My Two Favorite Movies for Summer 2014

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I realize that summer is the time for blockbusters in the USA, but I basically skipped all of them after the second Captain America movie back in May. I did see a few unmemorable movies this summer, and some very interesting stories in other movies, but I can’t quite say I loved them, and then two movies that I adored.
Chef and The Hundred-Foot Journey




Interesting that both movies involve food and have a romance. Two of my favorite things! And yes, the cooking scenes were inspirational, but what impressed me the most was the passion for cooking shared by both of the main characters in these movies. Like being an artist takes a certain kind of brain and training, world-class cooking not only requires a chef devoted to his craft, but one also possessing a natural knack for flavors and tastes that enhance each other, along with the nerve to take risks and push culinary limits. The takeaway moment for me in Chef, was seeing him make a simple grilled cheese sandwich for his son.  I’ve never seen such love put into making a sandwich before!  And in The Hundred-Foot Journey, it would have to be Hassan serving the omelet to Madame Mallory.


The characters in both of these movies seemed to live and breathe food and all of its possibilities. I believed completely that both of them would die if cooking was taken away from them. The need to create exquisite dishes came from their souls.
If you haven’t seen either of these movies yet, I highly recommend them.

Now it’s your turn – what movie would you recommend for me?
I love just about every kind of movie including comedies, dramas, adventures and Science Fiction. However, I draw the line at raunchy immature humor – i.e. every movie Seth Rogan has ever been in.

Before I go, I’d like to share the cover for the Christmas anthology I’ll be in at M&B, isn’t it pretty?

Christmas by Request

and, of course, my current book is:


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2 Responses to My Two Favorite Movies for Summer 2014

  1. robena grant says:

    I agree 100% on Chef. Loved that movie. I’ve still to see The Hundred Foot Journey, and hope to get to it tomorrow afternoon. There is a new Kevin Kline/Maggie Smith movie about to be released (or maybe it released this weekend) it’s set in Paris and if I remember correctly the title is My Old Lady. I hope it’s as good as the promise of the trailer. I haven’t paid much attention to what is playing, nose to the grindstone and all, but now that work is behind me I fully intend to play catch up. : )

    • I have seen the trailer for the Kevin Kline movie and hope to see it too.
      Glad you can grab some catch-up time now, Robena. Enjoy the 100 foot journey. 🙂 I know you will.