Paddle of a steamer on an inland waterway


Thanks for indulging my recent and fond memories. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

We left off last week in a place called Clinton, Iowa and beginning with this blog we’ll pick up in Iowa’s oldest city. To be honest I’d never imagined visiting Dubuque before, but I’m so glad I did.  What a nice small city of 26,000 people. In the 1990s wise people on the historical society began redeveloping the riverfront and it is beautiful! Did you know that Dubuque has been on many list of bests? 100 Best Communities for Young People, The Most Livable Small City, and an all around Iowa Great Place. This little All American City seems to have it all.

First, I visited St. Luke’s church to see the exquisite Tiffany windows.

My pictures don’t do them justice, but I had to share. The reason Tiffany windows are so vibrant is because the color goes through all layers of the glass.






Culture abounds in Dubuque with it’s own opera house and the hundred year old hotel now called Julien, but I couldn’t resist the quirky ride up the world’s shortest, steepest railway to Fenalon Place. What was I thinking??? Evidently some rich guy wanted to go home for lunch and he worked down there and lived up there, so…where there’s a will there’s a way. Honestly, I could not believe this creaky old cable lift could possibly pass a certification, yet here we all were riding up and down the darn thing. The view from the top was certainly worth it.







I particularly enjoyed the small Museum of Art, but what caught my eye the most was this wire sculpture on the lawn out front of it. Neat, huh. You can see right through it, I could have spent a lot more time kicking around Dubuque, but we had more river boating to do the rest of the night and on to the next morning to reach another discovery and new favorite of mine – La Cross, Wisconsin!

What a lovely place, but unfortunately I didn’t get to spend much time there because we signed up for a much smaller boat ride in Winona, Minnesota (another charming place aka The Midwest’s Best Kept Secret).  The Captain was a kick and very knowledgeable, and most importantly he delivered on many eagle sightings. Here are just a couple:

First one isn’t real. This was also the first place we had rain.







Plus some cute river turtles.





Winona has a fabulous history center where I took this picture

There is also an amazing Marine Art Museum in Winona. I could have spent hours and hours there! Wow

But we had more riverboating to do  and places to be.







Sunsets on the Mighty Mississippi are always gorgeous. I realize I’ve taking up too much time and will have to write a third blog because I want to share my experience in Red Wing, Minnesota at the National Eagle Center.

So, rather than cut that portion short, I will continue with Part Three of the Big Muddy River Cruise next week.

One last thing, I was tickled to see one of my books, Too Close for Comfort, is being feature in the top ten Sizzling Romance Novels Where Old Flames Reconnect And People From The Past Return at EZVID WIKI. See here.

thanks for reading!

Until next time, make it a great one!



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