The Marshall Memo 6/6/11

Last weekend my husband and I went to the annual Cajun Festival looking for great food and even better music.  The first thing we saw when we arrived were some very important guests.  The Clydesdale horses bringing the beer!



Next I headed to one of the many craft booths and bought myself a couple of pairs of earrings. After, we wandered over to the stage and listened to some great zydeco
music by the Bayou Brothers and Lil Pookie and the Zydeco Sensations, enjoying
the dancers as much as the toe tapping sounds. One of the performers called
zydeco – music for the feet.  It’s hard to keep those toes still while listening to the Cajun songs.  My favorite Cajun music is an Acadien waltz.

Even though we didn’t dance, my husband and I worked up an appetite and went in search of some Cajun Creole food.  We weren’t disappointed!  Here’s a picture of my half eaten crab cakeover dirty rice with lemon garlic sauce.
Mm mm! 


I could have had craw
fish, red beans and rice, gumbo, fried catfish, alligator on a stick, Cajun
sausage, on and on and on.  It was a
great day.

As promised last week, here is a short excerpt from ONE FOR THE ROAD:

D’Anne grinned at Tyler. “It really is a great song, Ty,” she whispered, using Bear’s term instead of Tyler’s full name.

“Is that so, Slick?” He moved from
sitting on the picnic table to right next to D’Anne on the bench. His arm crept
around her shoulders. “Well, why don’t you tell me exactly how great it is?”

She felt young, silly, and filled with
awe. “How did you do it?”

“What?” His face was much too close for

She caught a trace of his spice-scented aftershave mixed with a long night on the stage. Dappled in shadows, he had deep creases on either side of his mustache and looked all man.

“Write a song in one day. A great song!” She leaned into his body and relaxed.

“Sometimes things just come to me.” He set his hat on his knee. “You made this one happen, Dee.”

“Really?” She felt thirty years younger, busting with silly pride and admiration for Tyler. Gee, did I really?

He turned his head and looked into her eyes.  She smelled the drink they’d
shared on his breath and longed to taste it with her lips. His skin looked smooth
yet broken-in. He had a kind face when he wasn’t so busy trying to look stern.
She heard him quietly swallow.

Even now his eyes beamed clear and deep under the starlight. He regarded her with interest and subtle intensity.

She wanted to take a deep breath in and sniff the good-smelling cowboy…all over.

Join Tyler and D’Anne on the road July 13th.

Until next week – make it a great week!


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6 Responses to The Marshall Memo 6/6/11

  1. Virginia C says:

    Hi, Lynne! The Cajun Festival sounds like so much fun! I love Cajun music and red beans and rice : ) Best wishes for “One For the Road”!!! Wishing you many “happy trails”!

    • Hi Virginia!
      The Cajun festival was definitely lots of fun. Thanks so much for the good wishes.

      I bet you’ve got a recipe or three for some delish Cajun dishes, right?

  2. Nas says:

    Hi Lynne,

    It sounds like fun! We also have festivals like that here, maybe on a smaller scale. There’s Farmer’s Festival, Hibiscus Festival, Sugar Festiva…all these are for each town so if we hear one name we know which town it will be on.

    Congrats on the upcoming release of One For The Road!
    All the best!

    • Hi Nas!

      I love community festivals. Folks need things to look forward to, and festivals of all kinds fill that need.

      Thanks for the warm wishes for my book.

      I appreciate your support! : )

  3. robena grant says:

    Alligator on a stick? Oh no!
    Reminds me of Jenny Crusie and Bob Mayer’s one eyed alligator, Moot, in their novel Don’t Look Down.
    My guess is it tastes just like chicken. ; )

    • Hi Robena!

      I wouldn’t know what that alligator on a stick tastes like because I didn’t try it. I would imagine it to be stringy, but I could be very wrong.

      Anyone out there ever eat ‘gator?