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SEPTEMBER 1, 2011:

I’m continuing on my blog tour with guest appearances scheduled at:

September 6th: Rachel Brimble blog Where I’ll get my Brit on.

September 13th: Pink Fuzzy Slipper Writers Blog I’ll tell you ten things you may not know about One for the Road, plus I’ll be doing some cringing.

September 30th: Voices from the Heart blog I’ll discuss our obsession with lists and come up with one of my own.

I hope to see you on the blog tour.

This month, I’m featuring a recent interview I did with the wonderful author Kristin Higgins. Go here to read her answers to my Ten Questions for Authors.

Also, for the rest of this week, Sept 1-4, I’m giving some print books away at my blog. Check out the authors and titles, leave a comment about a vacation disaster, and get a chance to win one of the books!

I’ll be featuring my good buddy and critique partner, AND debut author Dee J Adams at my blog on September 5th. Her first book – Dangerous Race will soon be available at Carina Press in e-book and audio format.

AUGUST 1, 2011: Blog Roll for guest appearances this month:

August 5, Rebecca Clark – Shy Writer’s Blog

August 9th, Vintage Vonnie

August 10th, Paty Jager

August 25th, Sarah Grimm

Also – continue playing the Summer Kindle Hunt – see easy directions below.

July 19, 2011:

I am participating in a fun, month-long contest from July 19 to August 22, 2011. Follow the link above, visit the twelve websites and find the individual phrase from each website. It’s fun, and you could win a Kindle!! My phrase is hidden somewhere on my website. *cough*blog*cough*


July 16, 2011: I will be guest blogging July 20th at The Five Scribes blog, talking about being Older and Bolder, and on July 25th at Romance Book Paradise, talking about the Top Ten Romantic Movies featuring over forty couples. I hope you can join me on my mini blog tour!

July 13, 2011: Jumping with joy as ONE FOR THE ROAD is now available for your e-readers, and also in print at The Wild Rose Press and at Read an excerpt here!

July 12, 2011: ONLY ONE MORE DAY UNTIL ONE FOR THE ROAD GOES LIVE IN E-BOOK! I’m holding my breath.

July 10, 2011: Leave a comment at Goddess Fish, then contact me at my website and I’ll send you a little thank you gift.

July 6, 2011: Forgive me for being a little late this month, but the winner for signing up for my newsletter for the month of June is: Kathy A. I will have your book in the mail shortly. Congratulations!

July 2, 2011: This review for ONE FOR THE ROAD made my day! Romantic Times Book Reviews

June 20, 2011: Contest update. As promised, I drew the winner’s name from Tyler White’s cowboy hat. Thanks everyone for entering. Now, drumroll…

And the winner is! ALLISON MOYER!!!!

June 18, 2011:

These wonderful book reviews made my day from a reader at the eHarlequin Community for the Midcoast Medical Santa Barbara Series – The Boss and Nurse Albright, The Heart Doctor and the Baby, and The Christmas Baby Bump. These books are all still available on Kindle.

Thank you Virginia C.

June 3, 2011:

Italy always gets my book covers right. Here is the Italian version of The Boss and Nurse Albright:

May 31, 2011: CONTEST!!!!

Yes, as promised, it is contest time. During the month of May, I have blogged each Monday on various aspects of ONE FOR THE ROAD, my upcoming Wild Rose Press contemporary romance release for the Last Rose of Summer Line. All you have to do is answer three easy questions posted on the CONTACT page. Scroll through the blogs to find the answers and send them via e-mail to me. (Please do not post the answers at the blog) Enter as many times as you’d like to increase your chances of having your name drawn. I’ll announce the winner on Monday June 20th. Good luck!

May 30, 2011:

Today, being Memorial Day, I am honoring our fallen soldiers, and will post the three questions for the book contest tomorrow.

May 19, 2011:

Happy News! I’ve just found out that The Heart Doctor and the Baby, my August 2010 Medical Romance with Mills & Boon won the series contemporary category and is a finalist in the 2011 Winter Rose Contest sponsored by The Yellow Rose chapter of RWA, Texas. I am thrilled to have made the cut!

May 1, 2011:

This month I will be having some fun with the characters and storyline for One for the Road, at my blog. I’m starting off 5/2/11 with a little something about the RV. By the end of the month, I’ll offer a free copy of the book, as soon as it’s available in July, to someone who can answer an easy question or two. I hope you’ll join me as I gear up for the road trip of a lifetime.

And speaking of giving books away – this month’s winner for signing up for my newsletter is Amanda. I’ll contact you via e-mail then send you a book. Congratulations, and thanks for signing up for the newsletter. Many thanks to everyone who signed up. Next month, I’ll draw another name for a free book.

And last but not least! There is still time to sign up for the online class beginning May 17th- Riveting Revisions, the Key to Getting Published. Brand new New Mills & Boon Modern Heat author Aimee Carson said this after she sold and got a two book deal: “I would not have made it thru the 4 PAINFUL revisions without your course.”

If you’re serious about selling that novel, think about signing up at the Heart of the Carolinas RWA Chapter Website. This will be the last time I give this course.

April 1, 2011: I have release dates for my upcoming books! One for the Road July 13, 2011 in e-book and print through The Wild Rose Press. The Runaway Nurse Returns (This is my working title. Not sure if this will change.) March 2012 – Harlequin Special Edition.

This month I have posted a new interview with author Jane Porter who writes category romance for the Presents line and contemporary lady fiction for Five Spot. Follow the link to find out some helpful and encouraging information about one classy lady.

Reminder: I update my blog every Monday, so check back each week.

There’s still time to register for the May Revisions workshop given through the Heart of the Carolinas chapter of RWA. Register for Class

One last thing – Don’t forget each month I pick a name from those who’ve signed up for my newsletter to win either a contemporary romance or one of my backlist books. For the March drawing, congratulations go to Karen.

March 1, 2011: I want to put the word out about my upcoming online workshop being offered in May by the Heart of the Carolinas RWA chapter:

May 17th-31st, 2011 Workshop

Riveting Revisions: The Key to Getting Published

Instructor: Lynne Marshall

When: May 17-31, 2011

Cost: $10 for HCRW and Carolina Romance Writers Members, $15 for All Others


Often it’s not the book, but the revisions that make the final sale.

The revision portion of your manuscript request can make or break the publishing deal. Multi-published category author, Lynne Marshall, will share her experiences with the revision process, give practical tips on how to handle the often extensive requests, and share personal anecdotes from other published authors to help make your revision request a success.

Revisions – the definition.

Lynne will discuss the Five Stages of the Revision Process: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

She will also present the following:
1.Instruct writers on how to decipher revision letters by using personal examples. When are revision requests a true test of your talent and when are they a waste of your time? Do you have to do everything the editor/agent suggests?
2.Propose techniques on how to internalize and digest the requests before approaching revisions. Are the requests realistic? Will the revisions help or hinder the heart of your story? Will the requests bring the story to a new level?
3.Give tips on how to interpret what the editor said versus what they meant with their suggestions and comments. Lynne will use personal examples and show how she inevitably interpreted them.
4.Present pre and post revised scenarios and scenes using actual revision letters and before-and-after versions from her books.
5.Offer encouragement to the author facing her first revision letter!

Key Things To Remember:
■Be flexible.
■Remember, we are writers for hire and it is our job to do whatever it takes to make our story a combination of our vision and what the editor/agent is looking for.
■Don’t be afraid to take a hacksaw and draw blood to fix your book.


Lynne Marshall published a short story for Woman’s World magazine in March 2006. She has also sold ten Medical Romance© novels to Harlequin Mills & Boon since November of 2005, and will make her Harlequin Special Edition debut in 2012. Her first e-pubbed book – One for the Road, will be out in the fall of 2011.

Lynne co-presented a workshop at 2007 RWA National Conference in Dallas with two other authors and two Mills and Boon editors: Exposing the Truth About Writing Short Contemporary Romance. She has presented her newest workshop, Riveting Revisions: The Key to Getting Published to her home chapter, LARA as well as at the East Valley Authors chapter of RWA and at the 2008 Moonlight and Magnolias conference in Georgia, as well as online for LARA, Heartbeat, and Charter Oaks RWA chapters. This workshop is based on the Romance Writers Report article she wrote for the January 2008 issue.

Cataromance: “Reading a Lynne Marshall book is always a treat as she weaves her medical knowledge and compassion into her stories.”

Register for Class

2/1/11: I have exciting news. Part of the reason for revamping the website was because I will be branching out into new writing territory this year. I have an e-book contracted with The Wild Rose Press, and just received the cover art over the weekend. Tina Lynn Stout did a lovely job capturing the essence of my book – One for the Road. What do you think?

If you’ve enjoyed my Medical Romances, I hope you’ll watch for my first single title romance, which will be available in both e-book and print.

One for the Road is a fun story about a stranded, resourceful California widow, a determined, has-been country singer, and a forty foot deluxe RV with a secret.

On the wildest detour of her life, D’Anne Palmer learns there’s no place like home … unless you find something better.

I even got to write lyrics to songs for this book! As soon as I have a publishing date, I’ll announce it and share an excerpt from the book at my blog.

Also, I have posted a new blog for the week – What’s in a Name? There is an opportunity to win a book of your choice, so pop over and leave a comment.

Last week, I had the good fortune to see one of my favorite authors, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, speak at a library in the California desert. I’ve posted a picture with her after I had her sign my Kindle. As always, she was a lot of fun to listen to.

And last, but certainly not least, as promised I drew a name from those who signed up for my Newsletter and Leslie is the winner! I’ll contact you via your e-mail.

1/24/11: I blogged today! WHO ARE THESE CHARACTERS, AND WHY SHOULD I CARE? Stop by and leave a comment for a chance to win a book.

1/11/11: I’m rolling in the New Year with a new look. My website facelift is part of my quest to declutter my life. Take a look around. Sign up for my mailing list. Have a look at the streamlined articles and interviews. Send me an e-mail and let me know what you think! And most importantly, have a Happy New Year!

This month’s featured article is a short interview with NY Times best selling author, Allison Brennan. Click here to read it.

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