Card Games and Laughter

Playing cardsOnce a month my husband and I play cards with our neighbors and another couple.  We rotate houses and whoever hosts provides the snacks, drinks, and dessert.  (Plus there may be some wine involved, I’m just sayin’) When our elderly next door neighbor first invited us to play, I hesitated.  The thought of playing cards seemed like something old folks did, like my parents.

I remember my parents having card night when us kids were all little.  They seemed to enjoy themselves, and they didn’t have to go out or pay for a babysitter.  Over the years, they fell away from card playing, though my mother picked it right back up the minute she moved into senior housing apartments after my father passed away.  She loved playing cards and it was probably the highlight of her week right up until she passed.

So after a moment’s hesitation, my husband and I agreed to try it out.  Well two plus years later, we’re still playing cards once a month with folks we can laugh with and learn from.  I had no idea my next door neighbor was a music trivia buff, and one night throughout the game, he threw questions at me.  Amazingly, I knew a lot of stuff because I got my first transistor radio when I was ten years old. (Anyone besides me remember transistor radios? LOL).  I believe I earned new respect from him after that, and vice versa.  And the other couple has green thumbs.


I’ve had to really step up my baking game with these two women, since each month we’re treated to something scrumptious.  We even had our first rhubarb/strawberry pie thanks to playing cards.

By now you may be wondering what card game we’re playing.  Well, it’s one of the easiest games in the world, yet competitive enough to keep things interesting.  It’s called Progressive Rummy.  We start with three-card hands and with each new hand we move up one card until we reach all thirteen cards.  Whatever number of cards you have in your hand, that’s the wild card number plus jokers.


Yeah, we all beef when we’ve had a brutal night and have gotten slaughtered by someone else, but truth is none of us card buddies would miss it for the world.


Do you have game night with your family or friends?  Do you enjoy playing cards?  Do you think I’m the oldest bitty on the planet for talking about a long-ago tradition of neighbors actually knowing each other and getting together?  Speak up!

Until next time, make it a great one!






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