Feeling foul? Got an ugly attitude today? Here’s a possible cure…

Face making 101

Remember in grade school when anyone said something you didn’t like you’d make a face at them?  Whatever happened to that stress releasing technique as we get older?  Some of us catch on that weird faces aren’t attractive, and heaven forbid we should look anything but cover-model ready in the real world.  For others, society gently messages right out of us the make-a-face-when-someone-upsets-you strategy by making us feel weird and ostracized if we go around making faces at strangers.

So we grow up and leave our face making days behind, and slowly, while behaving primly as society suggests, tension and ugly feelings build up.  We shove food in our mouths to
push it down, drink too much, and possibly have sex with too many not-good-for-us
people.  The list goes on and on.  All because we’ve forgotten how to make really ugly faces.  (I understand the solution isn’t that simple – but it might be!)

Lynne’s theory

The world would be a better place if we all did the Lion Pose.

What is the Lion’s Pose?

It is a Yoga pose meant to release stress from the face and neck with other side benefits, but I’ve got good news for you, it relieves negative feelings, too.
Think John Coffey in The Green Mile – remember how he roared out the bad stuff?

You can roar out your uglies and foulness by doing the Lion Pose.  Sounds like a reasonable thing to do, if it means you won’t bite someone’s head off for no particular reason, or grumble at poor unsuspecting public servants – granted some of them deserve it! –or cuss out your spouse for not being perfect.  You get the drill.

Kids have all the fun

When my daughter and son were toddlers, I signed us up for Mommy and Me courses given at the local adult school and sponsored by the nearby community college.  We had some great times there, I developed some close friendships with other mothers, and I got to watch my kids interact with their toddlers buddies.

Before the instructor had the kids sit in a circle to listen to a story, she’d always play a song called Shake My Sillies Out.  By jumping around and shaking their hands, arms, and legs, the children made room for quiet time.  I think that teacher was on to something …for
adults, too!

Lynne’s Big Plan

Why not get out those ugly, foul feelings by doing the lion pose every morning?  Let’s release our built up stress, frustration, and anger by roaring it away.

Okay, everyone circle up, sit on your haunches, hands on your knees, on the count of three…

Question to commenters: What do you do to relieve stress?  Are you open to making faces?

Until next week, make it a great one!




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14 Responses to Feeling foul? Got an ugly attitude today? Here’s a possible cure…

  1. Virginia C says:

    Can you see the face that I am making right now? If so, your laughter will relieve any stress that you may have for some time to come–mine too : )

  2. robena grant says:

    Any form of exercise is a stress reducer, for me. Especially being out in nature while doing it. But I love your lion pose and just tried it. It feels gooooood! An exercise instructor from years ago used to have me do the lizard face. It stretches your mouth, lower facial muscles, and neck muscle. You can’t do it in public. : 0

    • Yes, I agree Robena – any exercise reduces stress. Sometimes, though, I have crings moments when my insecurities take over and my natural desire is to make a face at myself in the mirror – just like a kid.

      Somehow, this Lion Pose seems more dignified. LOL if there is such a thing while making a silly face.

  3. Roz Lee says:

    Remember being told your face would freeze like that? Well, it didn’t. It was a ridiculous ploy to keep us from making those wonderfully expressive faces in public places! *rolls eyes* Perhaps we should begin every LARA meeting with the Lion pose – or the Shake Your Sillies Out song.

    Great post!

  4. What a wonderful pose to do at my desk! Thanks for this, Lynne!

  5. I love the post! My smiley face couldn’t possibly be translated to a computer ‘icon/thingy’ , and what a sound bite it sometimes makes as well. I love the ‘shake your sillies out’ and hope, if I get to go to a g’mother and toddler class with my new grandchild, something like that happens…

    • Hi Nancy!
      I’m so glad you stopped by. The funny thing with saking those sillies out, my son would never have anything to do with it. Even at two he thought it was a silly thing to do. I say – let your hair down – shake those sillies out all you want!

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. Christine Collier says:

    Thank God most of my interactions at work are over the phone. The eyeroll has been my favorite stress reliever for some time now when its a particularly difficult caller. I’m totally going to try this. In fact, I just started doing a beginner’s yoga video last week. I went out and bought a mat, blocks and a strap (still not sure what that’s for… Lol) and I’m already experiencing the stress relieving benefits. I’ve been sleeping super deep lately and dreaming really vividly. Usually, I sleep like a ninja. I still get up 3 or 4 times a night but I’m back to sleep in much less time.

    • Hi Chrsitine C.!

      It sounds like Yoga is already working wonders for you. I think the strap is to hold your leg up on some of the exercises.

      Yes, the eye roll is a good thing, but on the phone you definitely can make faces at people. Try the Lion Pose next time someone is totally bugging you! 🙂

  7. Janie Emaus says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could make faces at people? I think I’ll have to try yoga.

    • Hi Janie – remember how we used to make faces behind people’s backs? Well I did, anyway. And, as Christine C. said – we can roll our eyes and make faces at people on the phone, that is until one day all phones will be picture phones…