Five Things I love About Valentine’s Day

If It’s February, there seems to be one thing on most people’s minds. What to do about Valentine’s Day? This is the month that both wrecks havoc with men and promotes high expectations with women. I know there is a huge political debate buried somewhere in that statement, but I’m NOT going there. Instead, I’m simply going to share the five things that I love most about Valentine’s Day.

  1. It encourages people to show their feelings to someone special
  2. Love is in the air
  3. The day usually involves chocolate (I rest my case)
  4. Or gifts – and jewelry is always a good idea
  5. It is the second most popular day to get engaged.

#5 probably surprised you right? Well, the MOST popular day to get engaged turns out to be Christmas.

Since I mentioned I like gifts so much, I wanted to share a gift I have for you! For the next five days, February 8-12, The Doctor’s Indiscretion, a sexy romance on my indie list, is free. Get it at Amazon:

Here is the link: Enjoy!

Wishing you a romantic day and many, many more.

Until next time, make it a great one,


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