Marshall Memo, 8/8/11


I’ve been reading lots of wonderful romances and a few ideas have come to me. Since I need another blog topic, I jotted down some simple recommendations for those hero types out there.  So if you want to win the girl’s heart, here are a few tips:

  1. Notice what the heroine likes and doesn’t like, then surprise her by remembering.
  2. If gruff and uncommunicative, have a damn good reason!
  3. Do not, I repeat, do not stalk the heroine, or see her for the first time and declare she’s the one for you.  It freaks out the heroine and the reader.
  4. Acting like an arrogant ass is NOT sexy – even if you’re gorgeous and rich and
  5. Remind yourself of this each day – You are NOT God’s gift to women.

6.  Humility IS sexy.


This is a short list, so I need you blog readers to add a few more.  Tell me your tips for heroes!

And while we’re on the subject, what is hero material?

The reply to that question is probably as varied as the people being asked. When I began writing ONE FOR THE ROAD, I had a guy in mind. A big guy. You know what I mean, the kind of man who enters a room and takes up a whole lot of space because he’s so dang tall! Well, the hero in my book, Tyler White, is such a guy. Big!  He’s also trustworthy, dependable, honest, even if he is a little rough around the edges.  And oh, did I mention he’s sexy, too?

Tyler White has thrown together another country band. Humbled by his downhill spiral since his one-hit wonder ten years before, he’s armed with several new tunes and vows to do whatever it takes to get back into the limelight. Tyler hopes this road tour will reignite his non-existent career. But in order to pay the band, he needs cheap transportation.

After you’ve helped me lengthen that list of cautions for heroes, maybe toss in a character trait you like to see in a real hero, too.



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  1. Vonnie Davis says:

    Be kind to animals, children and ladies of a senior age. There are times when gentleness is so damned sexy.

    • Oh, good one, Vonnie!

      And along that line, I always suggest ladies notice how their dates treat waittresses, too.

      Thanks for commenting. And I’ll see you tomorrow when I guest blog at Vintage Vonnie. : )

  2. Mona Risk says:

    I like a hero who is protective of the heroine, even if she’s the most independant woman on earth. I like him to worry about her.

    • Oh, another good one, Mona. I like a protective hero too. I love how some authors know how to make the most independent woman still need some protecting. I especially like when that hero doesn’t gloat about it. He just gets in, does the job, and gets out.

  3. What a yummy list guys! I LOVE a man who smells so delicious, you want to curl in his lap and bury your nose in this throat.

    • Oh, LaVerne, you’re making me giggle. I do love a clean, good smelling guy, but I used to work with a man, a really neat guy, who wore way too much cologne. I used to say high, blush, then sneeze. I had a crush on him (way back when) but the cologne would have become an issue had anything developed.

      However, a good smelling guy – oh yeah, that’s heaven. Especially when you know they’ve worked super hard all day and went home to clean up just for the heroine!

  4. Nas says:

    Great list!

    The afternon shadow of stubbles on the chin for me! …..and yes, old time gallantry, opening the door etc.

  5. Hi Nas,
    Yes, I like that stubbled look, too. However, all the stubbles in the world don’t do squat unless that gallantry is there, right?

    thanks, as always, for your supoort. : )

  6. Caroline Clemmons says:

    Good list, Lynne. Two things you didn’t mention are important IMO: a sense of humor (and be able to laugh at himself) and intelligence. Of course, he msut like to read too. LOL

    • Hi Caroline – Oh, absolutely, Caroline, a man without a sense of humor is unbearable.

      So #7 – Don’t take yourself too seriously. Laugh a little!

      How’s that?

  7. Robin says:

    I sort of think that first guy above might be God’s gift. Just sayin’. I think a quiet confidence is a great trait. Definitely a sense of humor. And a hero who puts everyone else before himself is pretty darn great.

    • Hi Robin. Yeah, I was struck by that picture, too. Was it just me, or does he have a touch of the early 007 – Sean Connery in him?

      Quiet confidence – yeah, that comes through in a man who can do things, either practical like being able to build things, or playing an instrument well, or a guy with a business mind. Someone with a bit of success under his belt, but who doesn’t feel the need to brag about it. Oh, yeah, that is a definite plus.

      And putting others before himself is subtle, but once a woman catches on to that, how can she not fall in love?

      Thanks for commenting, Robin!

  8. robena grant says:

    I like a guy who isn’t afraid to show his sensitive side. Unless of course he cries all the time. Ha ha. But yeah, sensitivity, humor, not taking himself too seriously, those would be my top three.

  9. Hi Robena,
    LOL on the crying all the time. Yeah, not going to work. However, I do like a guy who can understand a woman’s many moods, and who can show a softer side in between saving the day.

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

  10. Nas says:

    Oh, he must love to watch romantic movies with me and can he also read romance novels? Nah…I’m asking too much!

  11. ha ha, Nas, yes, I’m afraid the second part is asking too much. However, a good man should be willing to watch chick flicks with his woman, right? We watch all those car chase movies, don’t we?

    My husband enjoys a good romantic comedy, and he has read many if not all of my books, so there you go. : )