Sometimes, when I’m inundated with advice on what I need to do as an author, I want to pull my hair out and go screaming into the night.  But like a good girl, I do what I can.

Website: check.

Blog: check (weekly blogs)

Facebook: check (pretty regularly)

Goodreads: check (with author profile and rss feed of my blog)

Shelfari: check (but I don’t go there much if at all)

Amazon profile: check (with rss feed of my blog)

Writer’s loops: check (daily)

Kindle Forums: check (once in awhile – but it’s scary over there!)

Reader’s loops: check (daily digest skim)

Newsletter: check (you can sign up for this here at the website) 🙂

Filed by: check (author page)

Twitter: Nope

LinkedIn: Nope

Google +: Nope

Tumblr: Nope

The next thing: Nope

As you can see, I’ve put my foot down at Twitter. Yes, everyone raves about it, but I simply cannot add one more thing to my writer’s plate, my chest gets tight just thinking about it.

It feels like all this cross media-ing (I’m coining a phrase here) is a huge room of people yelling at each other, with no one listening.  What’s the point?



I ask you – WHAT IS THE POINT?  Can someone out there give me a reason to add
Twitter? Or anything else?

Until then, I’m going to continue being that toddler, sucking their thumb, whining, “I don’t wanna.”



Convince me of the advantages of Twitter (I don’t mean how many friends you have and how often you tweet a day, but actual results, sales spikes etc. from your twitters) and I’ll give you a romance book.  (You’ll have your choice from four romances by various authors.)

Until next week, make it agreat one!


To read Chapter One of One for the Road go here.





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6 Responses to SOCIAL MEDIA AND THE WRITER by Lynne Marshall

  1. robena grant says:

    I tried Twitter, but I didn’t feel like I connected, and I used it mostly to give a push for authors books. Kind of helping them get the word out. For me, not having a book to promote, it ended up being just noise. Facebook, I like. Google+ has promise. I enjoy blogging. Anything else at the moment is not important. However, should I ever sell…well, I’ll get back to you on that. ; )

    • Hi Robena!
      I am sorry for not responding sooner, but I have been in Utah. Great time, btw. OK, see, I am inclined to agree with you. I feel like twitter is junk mail or spam (noise – as you perfectly put it). I just can’t quite get myself over that bias.
      You and I are on the same page.

  2. Nas says:

    Hy Lynne!

    I don’t have a book so I can’t give you sales results! But I follow people on twitter more for news. Eg, following – Angela James – gives news of Editorial decisions and why she rejects or asks for manuscipts.

    Following Jane from Dear Author- gives all digital publishers news. She even tweets about court cases where someone sued for copyright etc. Which big publisher bought out a small publisher etc!

    And following authors gives us news of their latest release books and reader comments, links to reviews etc. And oh, the contests! Authors and Publishers run contests on twitter. I just received a M&B goody bag of books and a Will & Kate Mug! This contest was from M&B UK.

    It’s good medium for us readers. To get news of upcoming releases and reviews to check out before buying books.

    For writers’ I think it works for some people only. Some authors are stuck on a word, they tweet and get numerous response to the meaning of it! Then again authors do a 1K1H sprint writing and compare results, supporting each other. They take a break from writing and tweet each other for hilarity as well! Upside is they talk about their heros and heroines and we, readers, are intrigued and want to read ‘that’ certain book!

    But I have no idea about Google+ or Tumbler.

    • Lynne Marshall says:

      Hi Nas! This is great information. I see that you, as a reader (but also as a very involved reviewer and blog guru) use Twitter to your advantage. I am amazed authors take the time to twitter 1 K writing bursts, or whatever you called it. This, to me, is a serious waste of time. I don’t need help writing, I just put my butt int he chair and churn that baby out! 🙂 I am not a “hype” person, so twitter doesn’t connect with my mentality.

      BUT! You are hands down the winner of this this challenge! Contact me at my website, and we’ll discuss your free book.

      Always wonderful to hear from you, Nas.

  3. cody young says:

    You can do twitter without letting it take over your life – and yes, it can help your career. For example, I wrote a goofy little poem about vampire fiction (which is still on my blog) and then wrote a tweet about it. Immediately I got a direct message from a small publisher asking if I had a vampire book to submit. I hadn’t. So I wrote one. That book has now been published and is selling well. So for me twitter is a way to keep my ear to the ground about opportunities. I use twitter to find new book reviewers, new industry blogs to follow and to understand the type of following different books have. So why not just set up a twitter account and see what happens?

    • Lynne Marshall says:

      Hi Cody,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on this blog. I see what you are saying about twitter. I actually took a “twitter” class offered by my publisher – Harlequin. It was called Twitter 101. I tried to stay focused. Then they offered Twitter 201 and I didn’t sign up. Ack.
      It’s funny, but I am currently taking an online class on Indi Publishing and Bob Mayer says “What are you most afraid of? Do it.” Ha ha, these days it seems to be twitter. I guess I’m going to have to take your advice, jump in and see what happens.
      You’ve almost convinced me!
      thanks for reading and commenting.
      If you would like a free romance book, contact me via my website and we’ll find something you’d like!