Still on the road…Wyoming and South Dakota

In September my husband and I took a fantastic trip to the great wild west of Wyoming and South Dakota.  Along the way we saw Jackson Hole and Yellowstone National Park.  Here are a few of our  favorite snapshots.

Lynne at the Crazy Horse monument

  Oh, and last week’s winner of the Wild Rose Press coupon is Calisa Rhose!

Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota
A real cowboy!
Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam
Old Faithful being faithful
Floating down the Snake River looking at the Grand Tetons
Wide Open Spaces
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2 Responses to Still on the road…Wyoming and South Dakota

  1. robena grant says:

    I love the photographs, Lynne. Simply gorgeous. And I laughed over your cowboy. Now he is the real thing, with a fabulous mustache, and yet, we wouldn’t see him on the cover of a romance novel would we? : )

    • Lynne Marshall says:

      Nope, Robena, I’m quite sure that cowboy would be the character who runs the ranch, not the hero cowboy. Oh, and his name was “Steve” not Connor or Tyler or Hunter or Rafe. LOL. I saw another younger cowboy – the real thing – and though he was young he already had deep craggy lines on his face from working hard and long hours in the sun, cowboy hat and all. Bessides, since Wyoming only has a population of around 600,000, there can’t be nearly enough cowboys out there to go around. LOL.