What are you reading?

The Marshall Memo 6/20/11

I’ve just finished reading LOVE ME TO DEATH by Allison Brennan and gave it a 4 star rating at my GoodReads page.  She took a very difficult subject and made the characters believable.  Sometimes I balk at ultra dark books, I just don’t want to go there.  However, in Love Me to Death, Ms. Brennan shines a lovely light on the horrible subject by including a wonderful love story.

And speaking of dark subjects, I am also twelve chapters in on Demon Soul by Christine Ashworth (her debut novel) and am up to my neck in characters with demon, human, and fari bloodlines.  Can’t wait to see who wins the rumble.




Next up, I plan to come back to the place I am most comfortable – contemporary romance.  I can’t wait to read one of my top ten favorite author’s latest book: MY ONE AND ONLY by Kristin Higgins.  She never, ever lets me down.


Here are a few others on my “to be read” pile:

Dare She Date the Dreamy Doc by Sarah Morgan; Dead Air by Carol Ericson; Protecting Plain Jane by Julie Miller; Still the One by Robin Wells; The Moon that Night by Helen Brenna; Lady Wicked by Delle Jacobs; A Dozen Deadly Roses by Kathy Bennett; Perfect Partners? By C.J. Carmichael; and Hot Flash by Clare Austin.

As you can see, I’ve already got my summer reading lined up!

What are you reading, and do you have any recommendations?

Bring ‘em on, ‘cause there’s always room for more on my Kindle.

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21 Responses to What are you reading?

  1. robena grant says:

    I just finished (at 1am) Garden Spells, by Sarah Addison Allen, it was published in 2007. Also, the cover artwork is absolutely gorgeous.

    It’s a really lovely story with incredibly well drawn characters, young quirky and elderly quirky. ; ) It’s magical realism, set in the American South in contemporary time, and does not rely on the southern stereotypes that many books tend toward yet it still has all of that southern charm.
    From the back cover:
    “In a garden surrounded by a tall fence, tucked away behind a small house in the smallest of towns, is an apple tree rumored to bear a very special sort of fruit. In this luminous debut novel, Sarah Addison Allen tells the story of that enchanted tree and the extraordinary people who tend it.”

    I found it refreshing and will definitely pick up some of her latest titles.

    • Roben, I LOVED Garden Spells! One of my favorites. I think I picked up an ARC of it at an RWA conference back in 2007, but I didn’t read it until last January. Lovely book!

      • Hi Robena!

        I got the book at the same place Christine did, but haven’t read it yet. Our last LARA speaker, Maggie Marr recommended it, too.

        Oh, after reading your blurb from the back cover, I am definitely picking it up again…that is after I finish the books I’ve listed.

        Thanks for commenting!

  2. Maria says:

    Right now I am re-reading favorites by Patricia Briggs and Nalini Singh, the Alpha and Omega series and the Guild Hunter series respectively. However, Nalini has a new Psy/Changeling book out Kiss of Snow and I’ll be buying that for my nook asap. I also am looking forward to reading Kristin Higgins’ My One and Only which I’ll get for the nook. Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson series has one out that I haven’t read, River Marked, and I’ll probably buy that one, too, on the nook. Plus, I’ll be at National soon and then I’ll pick up all kinds of books that I plan on mailing home!

    • Hi Maria!
      Thanks for the recommendations. My head is spinning wondering when I’ll ever have time to read all the books.

      We’ll have to compare notes on My One and Only!

      Thanks for commening.

  3. Gina says:

    Hi Lynne! I recently discovered Cindy Dees – I picked up Killer Affair a few weeks ago and loved it and now I’m obsessed and trying to get my hands on all of her books. I’ve read Dr. Colton’s High-Stakes Fiancee, The Soldier’s Secret Daughter, and am about to jump into Night Rescuer. Her books are so fast-paced and I love her tough heroes. I’m planning to read a few others before the summer is out!

    • Hi Gina!
      So nice to have you comment here. Cindy Dees, okay, I love recommendation and will look for her books, too.

      Lynne (who wishes she were a faster reader!)

  4. I’m currently reading a futuristic romance that I won in a contest awhile back with a lot of other books–a whole box, in fact. But I just didn’t have time to read them. The book I’m reading now, is a delightful space opera called ‘To Touch the Stars’ by Tess Mallory.

    If you like this type of book, I highly recommend it. It’s an older copyright, so I don’t know if it’s available in e-format, but it may be.

    • admin says:

      Hi Susan,

      Thanks so much for popping in and sharing your latest find. I must say TO TOUCH THE STARS does sound intriguing. I like to branch out and read all types of books, so I’ll see if there is an e-format for it.

      Welcome, and I hope you’ll stop by the blog again!

  5. I just finished The Vampire Dimitri by Colleen Gleason. It’s a paranormal historical, but it’s on the lighter side – not dark and gritty. It’s part of a series called the Regency Draculia and is really well-thought out.

    But one of my all-time faves that I’ve just recently finished is Coming Home, by Rosamund Pilcher. I LOVE that book. Whenever I need to slip into something comfy, I reach for her stuff.

    Great post, Lynne – and I hope Demon Soul doesn’t disappoint you!

  6. Hi Christine – Now that vampire series sounds like something I could sink my teeth into (sorry, couldn’t help but use a seriously overworked pun). : )

    And so far you haven’t disappointed with your Demon Soul.

    Thanks for commenting!

  7. Penny Rader says:

    Just finished Sisters Found by Joan Johnston, Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult and The Colorado Bride by Mary Burton. A few chapters into Animals Make Us Human by Temple Grandin and Breathing Life into Your CharactersM/b> by Rachel Ballon. Just starting The Hunt by Allison Brennan and Personality Types by Don Riso. On deck: Black Hills by Nora Roberts, Hold Tight by Harlan Coben, Odd Hours by Dean Koontz, Blood Sins by Kay Hooper, If You Believe by Kristin Hannah.

    • admin says:

      Hi Penny!

      You sound as busy as I am with just finished, reading, and to be reads! Wow, some of your title are very interesting. Thanks so much for commenting.

      May I ask why you had to use HTML? Is there a problem with commenting on this blog?

  8. Penny Rader says:

    Aargh. HTML master I am not. Sorry about the goof-ups in my prior post.

    • admin says:

      Penny – can you let me know if there is a problem with posters for this blog having to use HTML? I wasn’t aware a commenter had to do that.

      Any input would be greatly appreciated.


      • Penny Rader says:

        I think it was just my mistake. There isn’t a preview button, that I can see, otherwise I’d realized my mistake. Actually, if I’d proofed what I’d written I might have caught it. ;D

        • Well, you’re a braver soul than me, as I’d never even attempted to use the HTML to BOLD titles. good job!

          Again, thanks for reading my blog.
          Next week I’m talking about crazy license plates.

  9. Hi Lynne! I’ve been checking out a lot of YA on my kindle. Some okay. I’m just amazed how many teen girls can be lured from their homes and taken far away by a cute guy they don’t know, who breaks into their room, and tells them they don’t belong there! In other stories, I finished Beastly by Alex Flinn and looking forward to starting The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. And, um still trying to get through book one of a certain vampire series, but plowing through a little every night.

    • Hi Trish!
      Wow, interesting about YA. I hope that plot line doesn’t influence teen girls to do just that!

      May I ask why you keep “plowing” through a little of a certain vampire book? It sounds as though you aren’t too interested in it. Is it homework? Why not set it aside and say – this isn’t for me?

      Thanks for commenting!

  10. Dee J. says:

    I just downloaded Fatal Affair by Marie Force. Looking forward to reading the whole Fatal series. The opening is really sharp.

  11. Hi Dee J.! Welcome to my blog. : )
    Oh, Marie Force – I’m interested in that series too. I’ll have to pop over to Carina and get the first one sometime after the RWA conference.

    Thanks for commenting! I like your website.